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Structural Steel Building

Lightweight structural steel buildings are a great option for permanent, or semi-permanent buildings to meet the needs for an office, home, emergency disaster relief shelter and more.

    1. Structural Office Metal BuildingThe structural office metal building features an appearance that is very similar to that of a non-metal building, but requires no masonry or reinforced concrete during the construction. Because of the light steel structure, the thermal insulation, waterproof and damp resistance, as well as the seismic performance.
    1. Residential Structural Metal BuildingThe metal material properties and the structure of the shear wall give the building its excellent seismic performance. Because earthquake seismic waves are left/right and up/down movements, the light steel structure is connected using fasteners to give the structure additional stability.

Here are project examples of lightweight structural steel buildings and pre-engineered metal buildings, Zhujian as a leader in design and manufacture of modular building system, is a reliable contractor for modular building construction projects. Our company provides a complete construction line for light steel structure building, including wall panel, floor, ceilings, doors, windows, and electrical and water supply system. Focus on construction cost and product quality, we are offering modular metal buildings and prefabricated buildings with complete design, manufacture, sales and installation services as well as modular construction solutions.

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