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Flat Pack Container House

  • Flat Pack Container House
  • Flat Pack Container House

Flat pack container houses are designed for temporary use. Through the optimization of designs, 5 containers are compressed into a single standard 20 foot container, thereby reducing transportation costs. After transporting the container to the site, builders need only decompress the compressed container in a short process before putting it into use.


The bolted connection is easy to use, making construction firm and stable.

  • Flat Pack Container House
  • Flat Pack Container House

Technical parameters
External dimensions (L × W × H) : 5900 × 2500 × 2670mm
Module: 135
Story: 2 story
Floor space: 1500m2
Location: Middle East
Standard: GB
Production (days): 25 days
Assembly on site (days): 7 days

Structural system
Fireproofing duration: 30 mins
Sound insulation: ≥-20dB
Heat transfer coefficient: U value≤2.0W/m2·K
Service life: ≥10 years (temporary construction)

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