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Residential Modular Container

The residential modular containers are great for use as a small home or cottage. We offer the residential modular container as both a small pre-fabricated kitchen and as a pre-fabricated residential bathroom.

    1. KT Shipping Container KitchenThe KT shipping container kitchen is a prefabricated kitchen module, equipped with a number of different kitchen facilities, including a lampblack machine, worktable, water purification system, water, and electricity pipes in order to maximize space utilization.
    1. BR Shipping Container BathroomThe BR residential shipping container house is a high-quality club bathroom, equipped with two bathrooms and uses material that meet BS standards. After being transported to the desired location, builders install the exterior wall, and the container can then be integrated into the already existing building.

Here are project examples of residential modular container, Zhujian as a leader in design and manufacture of modular building system, is a reliable contractor for modular building construction projects. Our company provides a complete construction line for functional modular container, acting as kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, modular retail store, etc. Focus on construction cost and product quality, we are offering modular metal buildings and prefabricated buildings with complete design, manufacture, sales and installation services as well as modular construction solutions.

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