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Modular Construction Hotel

Matrix Living modular construction is suitable for even large structures, such as hotels. Modular construction hotels are a low cost alternative to traditionally built hotels. The ease of shipping and assembly of these structures is ideal for secluded resorts in exotic locales, or simply those looking to minimize their building costs.

    1. Lun Modular Container HouseThe Matrix Living Lun modular container house is a family apartment or hotel structure composed of 66 standard suites equipped with a kitchen. The whole hotel is built by stacking shipping containers. It can be put into use after designing and installing the exterior facade.
    1. Mor Modular Construction MotelThe Mor modular construction motel is a motel composed of 40 foot shipping containers and a 40CM bridging. It includes four rooms, each equipped with an independent bathroom, which can provide a comfortable accommodation for local travelers.
    1. Ca-H Shipping Container Modular HotelThe Matrix Living Ca-H shipping container modular hotel includes units with a kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom and an open living room, which can provide a comfortable accommodation environment for travelers.

Here are project examples of modular construction hotel, Zhujian as a leader in design and manufacture of modular building system, is a reliable contractor for modular building construction projects. Our company provides a complete construction line for modular construction hotels, including wall panel, floor, ceilings, doors, windows, and electrical and water supply system. Focus on construction cost and product quality, we are offering modular metal buildings and prefabricated buildings with complete design, manufacture, sales and installation services as well as modular construction solutions.

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