Ca-H Shipping Container Modular Hotel

  • Ca-H Shipping Container Modular Hotel
  • Ca-H Shipping Container Modular Hotel
  • Ca-H Shipping Container Modular Hotel

The Matrix Living Ca-H shipping container modular hotel includes units with a kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom and an open living room, which can provide a comfortable accommodation environment for travelers. The house is in a limited space container, which uses the structure extension to expand the indoor space, maximizes the utilization of space, and also reduces the transportation cost.


Containers are installed and fixed by bolted connection which is easy to operate. And it is firm and stable.


Technical parameters
External dimensions (L × W × H): 6058 × 2438 × 2896mm
Module: 1
Storey: 1
Floor space: 36.81m2
Location: US/AS
Standard: ANSI
Production (days): 60days
Assembly on site (days): 1day

Structural system
Fireproofing duration: 60 mins
Sound insulation: ≥-50dB
Heat transfer coefficient: U value≤1.2W/m2·K
Wind resistance level: level 12 typhoon
Earthquake resistance level: 7 degree seismic fortification intensity
Service life: ≥30 years (permanent construction)

Interior decoration

Framework Stud system
Thermal insulation material Rockwool
Board Plaster board / Gypsum board
Finishing material Paint, wall paper
Base material FC board
Tile Anti-slip tiles
Wood blocks
Framework Stud system
Thermal insulation material Rockwool
Board Plaster board/ Gypsum board
Finishing material Paint
Shaft door Fire Resistance Steel Door;
Wooden door;
Aluminum alloy door
Entry door
Bedroom door
Bathroom door
Side-hung window Aluminum alloy window;
PVC window
Bi-folding door
Sliding door
Corollary equipment
Hydroelectric system Water supply pipe/ service pipe Hot & cold water pipe
Blowdown pipe/Drain pipe
Wire 6mm²(electric main); 2.5mm²(outlet); 1.5mm²(switch)
Light current network cable; TV cable; phone wire
Panel Socket, switch
Electric appliance Light Ceiling light
Down light
Exhaust fan
Furniture Closet/Chest Medium density fiber board (MDF)
Hand washing cabinet Basin cabinet
Mirror cabinet
Bathroom Basin Ceramic, stainless steel
Toilet bowl
Faucet / tap
Shower head

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