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Container Modular Apartment

In this section we will introduce you to our container modular apartment buildings. These low cost structures are manufactured from shipping containers in order to minimize cost and construction time without sacrificing the quality of the structure as a whole.

    1. Spa 5 Container Modular BuildingThe Spa 5 container modular building features three types of houses with different areas and layouts. The building is equipped with a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The Matrix Living Spa 5 modular building is designed based on standard 40 feet shipping containers.
    1. Ber 3 Modular Construction Apartment BuildingEach independent unit of the Ber 3 construction apartment modular building is made up of 3 containers and there are aisles between every unit. The Matrix Living Ber 3 construction apartment modular building is made up of 224 standard 40 foot shipping containers.
    1. Oxi 2 Shipping Container Apartment BuildingThe Matrix Living Oxi 2 shipping container apartment building consists of 248 standard 40 foot shipping containers, with 210 apartments with separate kitchens and bathrooms. Oxi 2 shipping container apartment buildings are designed using shipping containers as they are suitable for long-distance shipping and reduce transportation costs.

Here are project examples of container modular apartment , Zhujian as a leader in design and manufacture of modular building system, is a reliable contractor for modular building construction projects. Our company provides a complete construction line for modular apartment buildings, including wall panel, floor, ceilings, doors, windows, and electrical and water supply system. Focus on construction cost and product quality, we are offering modular metal buildings and prefabricated buildings with complete design, manufacture, sales and installation services as well as modular construction solutions.

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